Trying to Learn How to Get in to Radio

Of course I got this idea after finding out that you can get a lot of free stuff from working at a radio station. My brother knows this guy who has a job working for the local alternative rock and roll radio station and he gets a lot of free stuff from the sponsors. Of course any person can start an internet radio station for free for now, but that does not get you sponsors and you want to get the big brand name sponsors. This guy gets like cases and cases of free beer from the big brewing companies and I like free beer as much as anyone. Of course all of my buddies would love that a lot, they would all be over to help share in the good fortune. Of course you have to have a big market share for them to care about you and it is hard to say how big radio is going to be in the future.

That is to say that I wonder how much erosion you get from new technology. When I was a kid you had very few options when you wanted to listen to some music in your vehicle or at home. You had to buy records or CD’s or you could listen to the radio. Now people can get music and other media from the Internet and every kid understands the basics of file sharings. They all have their smart phones and that sort of thing, which of course are filled with music. Every 7 year old in the world knows all about pandora and youtube, but I would guess that a lot of them do not know how to operate a radio. If they did they would probably decide that they do not like listening to the ads.

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